Cloud ERP for Human Capital Management

Intuitive and robust software for a smarter Human Resource Management.

Stop Managing Your Employees. Empower them with Cloudos HRM

Automate routine HR processes. Streamline core operations. Equip your staff with the right information, at the right time, and from the right people.

Simplified Recruitment Management

A highly efficient platform to get an overview of the positions open at your organization, the pool of candidates available, the length of a hiring cycle, and more. Simplify the process and get the most qualified people for the job.

Extensive Personnel Management Features

Be in a better position to track the growth of human resource across the organization. Plan career paths, perform appraisals, award promotions and offer custom HR services to individuals based on their roles, responsibilities, and other factors.

Standardized Performance Management

Collect quantifiable data about the contributions made by each employee towards the growth of your organization using a variety of metrics built into Cloudos HRM. Identify the most valuable resources in the company, and create a more fertile environment for more productivity.

A Complete Organization Management Tool

HR tech tools that businesses of any size can implement for a happier, better-organized workforce.

Enable employees to manage their time more effectively. The management can supervise employees’ time management, and approve requests for time offs swiftly.

Offer your employees seamless expense management capabilities, whether your employees need to login a business travel expense, official purchases, or something else. It is simple to set up, easily customizable, and intuitive to use.

Cloudos HRM is loaded with all the features required for HR operations. So, no paperwork required anymore. No unnecessary printouts, need for signatures, or shuttling from one office to another. Save precious time, energy, and of course, paper.

Employees can view the number of leaves in their account and apply for time offs at the click of a button. Managers get a consolidated view of the employee’s account and can approve or disapprove the application. It is highly streamlined, time saving, and extremely easy to use.

Superior Performance Management and Development

Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization.

Manual evaluations are a thing of the past now. Once you have defined the key performance metrics for your organization, the Cloudos HRM is intelligent enough to take care of the rest of the evaluation.

Assess the performance of your employees whenever you want and take strategic decisions to improve their performance on the go.

We also offer a complete breakdown of the skill training that the employees require. The training schedules can be customized to minimize downtime, while maximizing employee skills.

Any system today cannot work without being adaptable. Our cutting edge HR solutions are 100% flexible and can be easily integrated with other productivity apps that the organizations require.

Build Satisfied Workforce and Improve Bottomline

Employee satisfaction is the level of happiness or contentment an employee feels for his/her job. Employee satisfaction is an essential aspect of any business or organization.

When employees are happy and satisfied with the management and work culture, they put their best effort to make the company successful.

A constant and constructive feedback loop that motivates the employees, suggests the necessary training they need to hone their skills, and make them more productive for the organization.

Employees can easily access their HR related information from wherever they are, whenever they want, and however they want it.

The highly flexible Cloudos HRM can be easily customized by businesses to suit their unique requires as per their industry, local HR regulations, and so on.

Whether it is reducing employee downtime, going paperless, or making management more efficient, Cloudos HRM help organizations reduce their costs effectively.