A Feature-Loaded ERP Solution for Manufacturing and Maintenance Management

A cloud-based ERP solution for manufacturers that streamlines, automates, and improves their operations from procurement to inventory management, warehouse management, global financials, and order management.

Simplify Manufacturing and Maintenance Management, While Simultaneously Promoting Innovation

Eliminate non-productive tasks by automating them. Minimize inefficiencies and improve productivity. Obliterate bottlenecks and optimize production operations. All with the best-in-class PLM software.

Absolute Control Over Work and Quality

A smart solution for modern manufacturing. An end-to-end, feature-rich software for managing work jobs and improving the quality of manufactured products.

Advanced Maintenance Management

Intelligent and near-sentient system that constantly monitors all equipment to schedule and manage maintenance in an optimal way that maximizes revenues.

Reduce Costs and Add to Bottom line

Automate low level and routine tasks. Reduce the number of unskilled resources required on the floor. Eliminate inefficiencies, maximize resource utilization, and reduce spending.

Cutting-Edge Management and Maintenance Solution

Get an unmatched level of penetrative visibility and traceability of all your manufacturing processes from procurement to quality check and produce high quality products with minimal hiccups.

A proactive approach to maintenance. Define acceptable equipment health for stable operations and receive automated notifications when the equipment no longer meets the criteria. Also, predict maintenance requirements smartly based on failure rates.

Plan and schedule production and maintenance activities utilizing extensive information such as order backlogs, inventory, labor, failure rates, deadlines, supply chain requirements, and so on.

Eliminate miscommunication and time wasted on phone calls, reading emails, and manual tracking. Create work orders using templates. Automate tracking and management of assets to maximize their life. Optimize inventory usage to reduce its cost of management.

Automate the production and maintenance schedules based on client requirement dates, priorities, and resource availability to maximize revenues. Increase on-time work completing.

Manufacturing Optimization, Cost Control, and Profit Maximization

Improve workflow efficiency, improve production quality, optimize production and maintenance schedules to achieve best cost effectiveness, and consistently boost profits.

Centralized management of production, maintenance, inventories, and warehouses. Get real-time visibility of activities across multiple facilities.

Monitor and evaluate your manufacturing processes with a wide variety of insights from real-time as well as historical reports. Take corrective actions and repeat success strategies that result in better quality products, greater customer satisfaction, and higher profits.

Accurately assign costs to cost centers and identify the most profitable work orders. Allocate materials and resources to work orders in accordance with your business strategy to focus on customer satisfaction, higher margins, greater revenues, or something else.

Cloudos Manufacturing Management software is loaded with robust quality monitoring and compliance features such as inventory inspections, conformance certificate generation and management, lot and serial number assigning and tracking, return authorization, and more.

Acquire Competitive Edge With Drastically Superior Manufacturing and Maintenance

Implement unique, highly flexible, distinctive, and strategic manufacturing processes that create competitive advantage for your business.

Cloudos Manufacturing Software is a highly flexible platform that is designed to support continuous improvement. Achieve sustainable competitive advantage by delivering better quality products, lowering the costs, or offering better services consistently.

Track the movement of raw materials, WIP, and finished goods. Offer customers the ability to track the progress of their work orders through web portal. Control the quality by detecting and preventing use of wrong or defective materials.

Integrate the forward and reverse supply chain members into your manufacturing management system. Collect and share data with them automatically using this highly compatible platform.

Know exactly what’s happening on your well-integrated supply chain – on the shop floor, in the inbound logistics, in your warehouses, and in the outbound logistics.