Accounting Features

General Accounting


Make accounting entries and transactions in multiple currencies.

Multi-Company & Consolidation

Consolidate the financial statements of the parent and subsidiary companies into one statement for the entire group.

General Ledger

Build your general ledger including accounts payable, receivables, transactions, taxes. Search, filter, and zoom in easily into documents.

Multi-Chart Of Accounts

Modify and expand your account structure as needed and generate professional financial statements automatically.

Accounts Receivables

Create invoices automatically based on sales orders, timesheets, or delivery orders. Track outstanding payments, improve the collection processes and track receivables.

Accounts Payables

Control supplier bills and company expenses, forecast future bills, track employee expenses and automate received invoices from suppliers.

Bill Payments

Check supplier bills, automate bill payments via wire transfers, track deposit tickets quickly and organize payment orders.

Check Management

Manage checks creation, cancelation, updating check register, etc, and pay or print checks in a batch.

Payment, Banks & Reconciliation

Ensure payment processing and collections through the bank reconciliation statements and summarize banking activities and financial records.

Perpetual Fiscal Year Closing

Select dates and calculate your P&L accordingly by managing earnings for closure automatically, with the ability to lock entry dates.

Cashflow Report

Generate cash flow statements in real-time and apply multiple filter options.

Tax Management

Track transactions, configure tax rates, perform tax accounting and calculate tax correctly in every transaction.

Deferred Revenue

Set up revenue recognition processes and automate deferred revenue entries and calculations by assigning a schedule to any given transaction.

Follow-up Payments

Ensure the collection of account receivables by creating and sending follow-up letters as overdue payment reminders.

Country-Specific Statements

Create country-specific statements such as intrastate reports, VAT statements, P&L/BS of the country itself, and much more, and customize your processes.

Profit & Loss Report

Generate profit and loss reports and measure the company sales and expenses during a specific period for a clear overview of the performance.

Balance Sheet Report

Measure your current earnings per year and report them to your balance sheet automatically.

Tax Report

Generate tax reports according to each country and check how it is computed for audit purposes.

Performance Reports

Create business intelligence reports automatically to measure performance and KPIs and assemble customized reports on your dashboard.

Cash Management

Track every cash transaction and manage cash entries.

Fixed Assets

Register & Classify Assets

Record all information associated with the assets and categorize them for recording and reporting purposes.

Tag Assets

Print and fix an identification tag or label on your assets to provide a way to track and maintain a large amount of information about the assets.

Multi Depreciation Method

Track depreciation boards, calculate depreciation costs as often as necessary, modify and accelerate the cost recovery system.

Generate Amortization

Generate amortization entries automatically, create monthly and yearly amortization schedules with dates and subtotals.

Change Asset Direction

Transform assets from one location to another and drag-and-drop assets to new locations in the asset hierarchy.

Calculate Asset Value

Determine the net value of the assets and compare similar assets to chose when to buy or sell assets.

Manage Assets Events

Track, manage, and support all events on assets in just a few clicks, consolidate all asset records into one system, manage and maintain assets and data, and perform audits.

Track Assets

Automate the tracking of your fixed assets like machinery or land, and get real-time information on every asset in your company.

Dispose Assets

Eliminate assets from the accounting records and remove all traces completely from the balance sheet.


Budget Planning

Determine and manage your organization's financial status and plan your budget accordingly.

Create Budget

Create a budget that fits the future vision of your organization and adapt it to your operations.

Track Budget

Track the company budgets and compare actual performance with different budgets for a certain period.

Amend Budget

Create revised budgets quickly, control, update and consolidate actual budgets.

Reservation Management

Reserve assets ahead of time, choose the timeframe for asset check-out, set up security and limit reservation users.

Clearance & Deductions

Automate the cash deduction clearing process and ensure that the policies and procedures are followed in compliance with quality audits.

Manage Payment Orders

Organize payment orders, compare different purchase orders, supplier price lists and receipts to make sure that bills are paid correctly.

Manage Purchasing Orders

Manage suppliers and purchase orders easily and automate the purchasing workflow.

Credit Transfer

Transfer budgets between different funds and collect credits by sending emails and tasks automatically.

Budget Year Closing

Specify the year-end date, generate reports in real-time of the income statement and allocate the current year earnings.

12 Months Rule

Adjust the budget period to follow the 12 months rule as a natural business cycle with annual reports.

Budget On Financial Accounting

Check your accounting budget regularly, compare actual figures, and make necessary adjustments.

Budget On Analytic Accounts

Select the accounts linked to the budget, check your crossover budget at any time and create budget items to compare to the amount spent.

Performance & Budget

Get accurate statistics on the suppliers' performance, compare it with different budgets and manage them on your analytics account.

Cost & Analytics Accounting

Cost Elements & Objects

Locate cost objects, identify the elements of your cost from materials, labor, overhead, and determine your cost drivers to eliminates the unnecessary.

Hierarchies of Cost Accounts

Structure cost accounts automatically based on projects, contracts, departments, and more.

Accounts for Projects

Create and structure the analytic accounts from a project automatically and track the cost and revenue given.

Accounts for Departments

Create the analytic account structures into departments to examine costs, sales, and margins by department.

Activity-Based Costing

Track the cost of purchases, expenses, income, and record their budgeting and financial statements.

Fixed & Variable Costs

Control and measure fixed and variable costs including labor, materials, rental, insurance, and more.

Analytic Entries Based On Timesheets

Produce analytic entries automatically based on timesheets to improve your management practices and track employees' information seamlessly.

Direct & Indirect Expenses

Get a clear forecast of future bills to pay and track employee direct and indirect expenses.

Analytic Distribution

Divide expenses and incomes among several analytic accounts using analytic tags and flexible distribution.

Multiple Analytic Plans

Generate default values and associations ratios between cost accounts or projects and manage multiple analytic plans.

Analytic Reports

Generate clear and full analytic account reports along with hierarchy and subtotals.


Subscription & Membership

View and manage active subscriptions and memberships, renewal, and recurring revenues easily with contracts.

Contract Management

Store and manage legal agreements with your vendors, create, negotiate, and execute contracts automatically.

Recurring Invoices

Set up recurring billing and automatic payments by organizing payment orders and flows with validation steps.

Online Payments

Automate online payments to suppliers via wire transfers, Paypal, Ingenico, etc, and pay at the right date.

Analyze & Forecast

Analyze the sales team performance, monthly recurring revenues and customer churn. Forecast the business growth and track the contracts' KPI.

Renewal Alerts

Configure automatic alerts and follow-up emails as reminders for contract renewal, subscriptions, etc.

Multiple Subscription Plans

Manage multiple subscriptions for a single customer and set several pricing plans for your products or services.

Subscription Templates

Manage subscription forms, customized templates, and get paid regularly.

Revenue Dashboard

Generate clear dashboards that display all SaaS metrics: MRR, Churn, CAC, CAC ratio, growth forecasts, ARR CLT & CLTV.

Customer Access

Provide customers with a user-friendly portal to have a clear overview of their data and access to all their contracts.

Funds & Loans

Register Received Payments

Record received payments from your customers and create invoices automatically.

Reserve Specified Amounts

Automate the reservation of specific amounts and set up the amounts to purchase fixed assets.

Expenditures & Reconciliations

Monitor, review, and approve or reject expenses and requests, and compare them automatically with receipts to avoid mistakes and errors.

Calculate Fund Interests

Automate and facilitate the calculations of loan and fund interests based on the daily, monthly, or yearly payment terms, and automatically update the penalties.

Loan Rules & The World Bank

Follow and configure policies or rules for loan requests based on the World Bank, the EU, UN, etc.

Pay Debts

Check the pending amount to be paid, set a debt payoff strategy, automate payments, and decrease debt.

Employee Loan With Payroll

Streamline and improve loan processes by reducing manual entries, integrate the loan with the HR payroll to automatically repay the loan and disbursement.