CRM Feature

CRM for Sales

Modern User Interface

Configure and deploy the CRM module using a modern and friendly user interface and check sales activities.

Generate Leads

Create leads from emails and VoIP calls, and target customized campaigns automatically.

Track & Assign Leads

Detect leads GeoIP countries, track their sources using UTM trackers and assign them to the right salesperson.

Meeting Schedules

Schedule meetings and synchronize them with mobile and google calendars.

Leads Acquisition

Optimize leads acquisition with search engine optimization and call-to-action tools.

Improve Communication

Chat live with website visitors to convert them into leads.

Reports & Dashboards

Use the advanced reporting engine to generate real-time reports, customize CRM dashboards, and analyze opportunities and sources of leads.

Manage Pipelines

Manage the pipeline of opportunities with a 360° visibility, archive lost opportunities, and analyze the reasons.

Share Information

Enhance collaboration amongst salespersons by sharing information, ideas, and address books easily.

Set Customer Preferences

Connect with customers by setting their preferences and tracking the full activities attached to them.

Create Templates

Create email templates to communicate with customers or opportunities.

Attach Emails

Attach all the email communications to the right opportunity automatically.

Set Alerts

Customize alerts and follow-ups based on relevant activities.

Organize Activities

Organize a sequence of activities, schedule daily work per opportunity, and log activities with predefined actions.

CRM for Helpdesk

Tickets Via Multi-Channels

Provide customers with the ability to create tickets via multiple channels: emails, website forms, live chat, and on the fly.

SLA Rules & Helpdesk

Create SLA rules and policies and have a full overview of all tickets through the helpdesk dashboard.

Teams & Tickets

Create different teams, assign tickets and unique email alias to each team automatically.

Tickets & Timesheets

Select different levels of priority for tickets and track the time spent on each ticket.

Customer Satisfaction & KPI

Monitor the level of customer satisfaction through the customer rating system, and track the employees' KPIs.


Publish learning materials on the website and share content with customers on the helpdesk page.

Self-Service Support

Provide smart self-service support to customers allowing them to close their tickets from the portals, and link them directly to the help center forum where they can check the FAQ section and easily find their answers.