ERP Features


General Accounting

Build general ledger including accounts payable, receivables, transactions, taxes, and generate financial reports.

Funds & Loans

Register received payments and reserve specified amounts. Issue valuable reports to monitor expenditures, reconciliations, disbursements, and more.


Allocate resources and automate purchases. Track budget and compare actual performance with previously set forecasts.

Cost & Analytic Accounting

Structure accounts based on projects, contracts, departments, and produce analytical entries automatically.


Create and control subscriptions and billing plans with ease. Choose membership models that best fit the line of business, be it monthly or yearly.

Fixed Assets

Carry out amortization and depreciation procedures with ease to take advantage of tangible and intangible assets.

Procurement Management


Automate your procurement workflow and make smart decisions with advanced supplier statistics and comprehensive price lists.

Tenders & Contracts

Create bids, compare proposals from multiple vendors, and secure the best offer. Streamline the entire tendering process from a single platform.

Supply Chain


Improve inventory levels through accurate fulfillment processes. Implement a double-entry inventory system to reduce process time.


Structure and manage multiple warehouses from one place. Automate and track transfer orders by designing product routes.

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

Group the entire manufacturing in a single software using a centralized control panel. Benefit from real-time reporting and track KPIs.

Fleet Management

Manage vehicles as well as their contracts and services from a user-friendly administrative system. Control, monitor, and analyze costs efficiently.


Sales & Invoicing

Create professional invoices automatically based on the quotes you send. Accept payments easily and send automated follow-ups when necessary.

Point Of Sale

Operate an advanced POS system suitable for any industry. Manage your inventory, administer loyalty programs, and control your sales all from one place.

Subscription Management

Handle recurring sales using automated features. Increase revenue with the user-friendly interface, automatic payments, and advanced analytics.

Property & Rentals

Design personalized contracts with ease thanks to built-in templates. Gain complete oversight over properties to collect useful tenant information