HR Features

Employee Management

360-Degree Visibility

Oversee all important information of your employees for each department at a glance.

Access & Information

Restrict visibility of sensitive information to authorized users and control internal information from the same platform.

Receive Alerts

Receive alerts for new requests such as leaves, allocation, appraisals, and much more.

Manage Timesheets

Track the time employees are spending on projects by creating weekly and monthly timesheets.

Manage Contracts

Manage employees' documents and contracts and track their status, job titles, schedules, and more.

Create Profiles

Gather all employee information in one repository and create profiles for each employee.

Recruitment & Referral

Recruitment & Applications

Handle hiring processes easily, manage applications for job openings, route them directly to the right person and send automatic replies.

Job Vacancies

Post available job positions quickly by setting up a job board with the appropriate requirements and information.

Link Job Offers

Gather job offers from different employment websites and link them directly to your module.

Create A Repository

Gather all database and applicants' CVs in one repository and organize your documents for easy access.

Track Applications

Integrate documents and track the progress of submitted applications easily.

Create Reports

Generate reports and accurate statistics of the posting's performance to assess the next steps.

Customize Processes

Index all data automatically, reply with personalized emails and customize the recruitment steps: the interview, then the contract negotiation, etc.

Schedule Interviews

Integrate with google calendar to schedule interviews and send meeting requests directly from the system.

Send Online Offers

Select candidates and send them online offers to update, sign, and let them configure their salaries.

Share Positions

Share the open positions with friends and help them find a suitable job position.

Create & Follow Referrals

Create referral programs to improve recruitment, check all the referrals in one place with the recruitment progress.

Create An Avatar

Customize teams by adding avatars to each of the recruited individuals.

Attendance & Leaves

Monitor Attendance

Monitor employees' presence at work, record and keep track of the time they clock-in and clock-out from the office.

Requests & Calendar

Send leave requests, get responses automatically, and update the agenda of each employee accordingly.

Record Requests

Record vacation days and leaves were taken by each employee and receive alerts of new requests by email.

Customized Dashboards

Get one complete view of the team's leaves in one place and provide employees with a personalized dashboard to check their accounts.

New Types of Leaves

Customize the types of leaves by adding new ones for unusual, special, or new situations.

Requests & Notes

Approve or reject the employee's request, and add comments to explain the reason for rejection.

Planning & Shifts

Create Schedule

Create the best schedule that fits each employee's preferences and apply templates to the new shifts.

Assign Roles

Assign roles to several employees with a simple drag-and-drop, and easily understand the schedule.

Display Shifts

View the shifts on the calendar along with all scheduled information per day, week, or month.

Schedule & Shifts

Schedule employees' shifts and tasks automatically across multiple departments and organize them by role, by employee, or by project.

Generate Reports

Create multiple reports and graphs and select the measures, filters, and time ranges for your report.

Manage Portals

Send schedules to your employees, let them manage, assign, or unassign their shifts and schedule from the portal.

Avoid Conflicts

Detect conflicts and send alerts to users or automatically correct issues.

Talent & Appraisal

Create Appraisals

Create employee appraisal forms in a few minutes, customize actions and forms, and check the appraisal status of each.

Manage Interviews

Select evaluation forms per role, schedule evaluation plans, generate interview requests for each employee, and track the interview status.

Customize Surveys

Create customized surveys for each evaluation, edit, modify and publish as needed.

Emails & Requests

Send emails and requests for evaluation automatically to employees according to the valuation plan schedule.

Evaluate Employees

Evaluate employees and review their performance, recognize talents, and manage evaluation types: self-evaluation, end of year evaluation, etc.

Calendars & Alerts

Get a clear overview of the evaluation calendar, track and send reminders to respondents, and export or print the results.

Expenses & Payroll

Manage Expenses

Streamline and manage employees' daily expenses: travel, office supplies, gifts, accommodation, and process payments through invoices.

Submit Expenses Requests

Send expenses automatically from desktop or mobile to managers for review and approval.

Approve/Reject Requests

Review all expenses requests and decide to approve them, modify them, or reject them.

Record Expenses

Save expenses records to have a clear overview of all spendings: events, travel, etc.

Add Notes & Attach Receipts

Add comments and notes on expenses for reviewers, gather all receipts, and attach copies to the expense record.

Track Expenses

Track expenses' records easily, check their status and focus on the target while staying within the budget.

Access Dashboards

Access the dashboard of all expenses, records, receipts, submissions, and more, and compare both expenses with receipts, all in one place.

Create Reports

Generate reports of similar expenses and approve all the expenses in one click.

Create Invoices

Integrate with accounting to automatically invoice the necessary expenses to customers.

Automate Payroll

Ensure employees are paid accurately and on time and provide them with online Pay-slips.

Track Timesheets

Handle, track, and analyze timesheets automatically while providing an audit trail.