Marketing Features

Marketing Automation

Execute Python Code

Create custom server actions with Python code and perform specific tasks after opening and replying to an email.

Segment Database

Create targeted campaigns, generate leads, and segment your prospects database easily using different attributes.

Workflows & Visitors

Set up advanced marketing workflows and track visitors from the website to sales orders or invoices.

Set Up Triggers

Customize emails by adding pre-made blocks, set delays between workflow actions, and perform filters on fields.

Automate Workflow

Streamline workflows by automating sending emails and SMSs, moving leads, and updating records.

Test Performance

Test workflows before activating the marketing campaign and track its performance with KPIs.

Email Marketing

Customize Emails

Design emails by selecting pre-made blocks, add text and graphics, get a live preview, add action buttons, choose themes and layouts for the design, and save it as a template for future campaigns.

Increase Delivery Rate

Display emails on any device or screen, track undelivered emails, and install multiple email servers to optimize rates.

Email Campaigns

Import contacts to the system, assign subscribers to custom mailing lists, schedule campaigns, test email with the preview mode and A/B testing, and remove opted-out contacts from the mailing list automatically.

Measure Revenues

Analyze opportunities, conversion rate, expected revenue, and measure generated revenues for each email campaign.

Emails & Performance

Track all emails and archive them in the database, monitor campaigns and email performance by adding tracking links within the emails and generate dashboards.

SMS Marketing

Automate Campaigns

Schedule the time and date for the SMS campaign and opt-out unsubscribed contacts from the imported contact lists.

Target SMS Campaigns

Send targeted SMS campaigns to customers and leads by segmenting subscribers and add blacklists.

Import Contacts

Import contacts to the system from external systems and documents and decide your next steps.

Test SMS Campaigns

Conduct A/B testing by sending the SMS campaign to a fraction of the list and test the SMS campaign before launching it.

SMS & Credits

Select multiple contacts and reach them all at once by sending them an SMS, and buy SMS credits from the app.

Notifications & Trackers

Receive notifications on undelivered SMSs, track links and generate dashboards displaying the link's performance.

Measure Revenue

Analyze opportunities, conversion rates, expected revenue, and measure generated revenues for each SMS campaign.

Social Marketing

Schedule Posts

Automate post scheduling for Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to reach more customers and boost leads and income.

Connect with Visitors

Chat with the website's visitors via the live chat feature and send them push notifications and messages on their next actions while tracking the website pages.

Website Visitors

Track website visitors and gather their information to reach them later via email, SMS, push notifications, live chat...

Leads & Revenues

Measure revenues and leads generated from links by tracking the journey of the link from a post.

Customize Campaigns

Create fully integrated campaigns from emails, SMS, social posts, etc, and generate its results by measuring clicks, leads created, sales, etc.

Manage Feeds

Monitor social media accounts from one place, add streams to dashboards and generate insights.

Online Surveys

Create Live Sessions

Create live surveys, manage the pace of the sessions as a host, and share the results and ranking live with participants.

Design Surveys

Create customized surveys using pre-made building blocks, add text and graphics easily, edit and correct types quickly, create unlimited surveys and forms, save users' emails for later use, and add an image background.

Centralize & Access Database

Import, export, and merge database automatically with the ability to access the database from the survey in no time.

Analyze Results

Generate charts displaying real-time results and integrate seamlessly with other apps.

Event Management

Share Information

Add building blocks and share information with attendees about the event's agenda and speakers.

Reports & Dashboards

Generate real-time reports and create dashboards to view and analyze data.

Structure Events

Design the event pages with pre-made building blocks, create agendas, organize calendars, manage speakers, add call-to-actions, images, links, etc.

Edit Events

Add or edit text and images in the building blocks, choose themes and layouts for the design, and create the menu.

Talk Proposal

Organize the talk validation process of every event and allow visitors to submit talks and speakers.

Speakers Information

Create appealing visuals about the speaker's information, biography, and description of the talks and presentations.

Manage Attendees

Create a group of attendees, manage attendees' subscriptions, add custom questions, analyze profiles, and use mobile phones to view and update the attendee list.

Organize Events

Create the events calendar, manage multiple locations, and guide organizers.

Schedule Tasks

Create and run tasks automatically by setting clear-time frames using the Gantt view.

Schedule Emails

Automate sending scheduled emails: reminders, save the date, confirmation, etc.

Social Media & SEO

Set Twitter hashtags for each event and integrate with SEO and google analytics to receive the best keyword suggestions and track all events by default.

Promote Events

Promote events and communicate with the audience through automated SMS and track links to assess performance.

Sell & Register Online

Sell registration tickets online, allow attendees to pay online and register several attendees at once.

Automate Sales

Manage sales by automating the invoicing, cancelation, specific prices, etc, and increase revenues.

Budget & Follow-Ups

Register resource allocation and purchases, automate follow-up emails automatically to check customers' satisfaction and reviews.

Customize Badges

Create customized badges and scan them with mobile phones for presence confirmation.