Procurement Features


Manage Inventory

Use a modern user interface to manage the inventory and accomplish work quickly with minimum effort.

Control & Manage Bills

Automate the purchasing workflow, compare information on purchasing orders and bills to make sure they match and create editable invoices.

Request Quotations

Create and send RFQs to suppliers automatically based on stock levels, and define the product's attributes.

Availability & Location

Track product availability, identify the storage location in the warehouse and choose the replenishment methods for each product.

Automate Orders

Monitor your order status, delivery date, and amount. Track the stock, automate sending orders for necessary items, and organize the movement of items.

Compare Price Lists

Import price lists and references easily, base your sales prices and make smart decisions accordingly.

Create Dashboards & Reports

Generate flexible reports and get accurate statistics on the suppliers' performance and product availability with fully detailed dashboards.

Add Accounting Rules

Specify the accounts and taxes of each customer and supplier and purchase in different units of measure.

Multi-Company Rules

Automate the settlements and transactions made between the group of companies and manage them all in a single environment.

Manage Products

Determine product details (price, type, barcode...), add a supplier reference, define product variants (color, capacity, model...) and set up procurement rules.

Tenders & Contracts

Negotiate with Vendors

Negotiate with multiple vendors, compare prices, and get the best offer available.

Compare Tenders

Compare different tenders and propositions, choose the best offer, and send purchase orders directly.

Manage Contracts

Get comprehensive visibility of your contract, ensure that the customer requirements are met, set up costs and budgets, and define the contract billing.

Tender Processes

Check, track, and monitor all the steps of the tender process and contracts.

Project Stages

Have a clear overview of all the stakeholders involved to gain better control over the different stages of projects.

Generate Reports

Create reports to analyze the quality offered by the vendors.