Productivity Features


Emails & Status

Turn the channel to a mailing list allowing users to send messages by email and check the status of each participant: online, offline, away, etc.

External Apps

Add followers and discussion channels from other applications, and include messages and internal notes.

Drive & Manage Discussions

Track the latest discussions, start a discussion and create private groups, invite and manage participants, subscribe to channels, star favorite messages, mention users, add emojis and turn a conversation into a chat window.

Edit Notes

Select the text style and font, add attachments, use smart filters, choose the color, upload documents, and export notes as HTML, plain text or, DocuWiki.

Notes & To-Do Lists

Organize the steps needed to achieve the to-do list, use the Kanban view to drag and drop notes, and add notes to stages.


Add people to notes, track notes timeline, share notes with colleagues, grant access to settings, activate real-time chat with people, and check connected users.

Documents & eSignature

Customize Documents

Add dynamic fields, customize signatures, and specify the required actions to validate a document: full signature, initials, name, phone, etc.

Track Signatures & Receive Alerts

Send completed documents to all parties automatically, track pending signatures and fully signed documents, and receive alerts when documents are signed.

Edit Documents

Preview documents online, upload documents in links, initiate chats on documents and assign them to users.

Manage & Organize

Create folders, add multiple tags, link documents to resources, split PDF into several documents, archive and delete documents, select filters, with batches, and customer access rights per folder.

Streamline Workflows

Set automated actions per folder, create missing documents, send upload reminders, lock and unlock files, and customize the validation process.

Integrate Documents

Create tasks from documents, process bills automatically from PDF or image documents, and integrate them with PLM.

Apply Security Measures

Encrypt identifications through secure links for every person to sign documents digitally, ensure compliance with EU Regulation 910/2014 (elDAS), US ESIGN Act, and other countries' requirements, and control and cover all legal documents.

Specify Multi-Roles

Identify the roles of all people involved in the signing process and send them the right draft to sign according to their positions.

Archiving & Sharing Process

Send the signed documents as a carbon copy to a third-party, and archive all documents automatically in the private server when using the e-Sign system.

Add Multiple Signatures

Share the document to be signed with other people and allow them to add their signatures.

Share Documents

Share folders with external users, create documents by sending emails, define rules to set tags and folders automatically, and share documents with validity dates to improve collaboration.

Support Device & Type

Sign electronically using different mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), allow customers to sign directly on the screen while supporting PDF and all other kinds of documents.

Sign Electronically

Create electronic signatures and sign documents online in just a few clicks.

Automate Repetitive Signature

Create documents from templates and use them to automate the repetitive signature. Use the drag-and-drop feature to customize and edit fields in the PDF.


Select Approvers

Identify the person or multiple persons who need to approve each request.

Manage Requests

Create, validate, or decline in just a few clicks all request submissions from the approval dashboard.

Set Up Alerts

Receive a notification or an alert for every new approval request.

Create Approval Types

Use an intuitive configurator and select the type of each request based on employees' information.

Calendar & Appointments

Customize Scheduling

Convert meeting hours across different time zones, select between multiple languages, customize appointment duration and availability, reschedule and delete meetings.

Assign Meetings

Check the meeting language, type of request, availability, and assign it to the right person.

Create Meeting Agenda

Allow customers to schedule, reschedule, cancel or modify meetings online, create meeting links, share the links through the website, email, or on social media, send automated reminders through SMS and emails, and sync them with the team's calendar.

Send Automated Reminders

Remind customers about the meeting by sending them automated email/SMS reminders, and allow them to add the meeting to their calendar.

Qualification Forms

Gather information about prospects and qualify them with custom questions in the appointment process.

Schedules & Prospects

Customer timeslots, allow prospects to choose between available timeslots and schedule meetings from their mobile with whoever is available, synchronize with mobile phone and desktop calendar, and eliminate double booking.