Professional Services Features

Projects & Timesheet

Customize Projects

Create a specific process for every project, rename stages, set alerts based on activities, and automate emails.

Automate Invoicing

Manage contracts' price, time, and material used, automatically invoice timesheets and create projects or tasks from sales orders.

Kanban View

Organize tasks by stages, deadlines, responsibility, etc. Rename tasks, create stages for each project and check the remaining hours for each task through the kanban view.

Advanced User Interface

Manage projects using a modern user interface to access all the needed information, search for information easily using smart filters, track projects on mobile, and optimize the view for large screens.

Set Deadlines

Reschedule tasks on the calendar by a simple drag and drop and highlight project deadlines.

Tickets & Emails

Issue tickets to track support contracts, bug reports, etc, and send automatic emails to customers on different statuses: ticket confirmation, surveys, etc.

Multi-Project & Sub-Tasks

Work on multiple projects at the same time and link tasks together by creating multilevel sub-tasks.

Track Time & Archive Tasks

Follow up on expected hours for each task and archive finished tasks.

Communicate With Customers

Create an email alias for every project, set alerts based on activities, log activities for every task, chat online with users, and collaborate on tasks with several users.

Portal & Project Forecast

Have access to tasks on the customer portal and forecast projects easily using the Gantt chart.

Customer Satisfaction

Allow customers to rate the projects and leave their feedback using the satisfaction rating survey sent to them through an automatic email.

Advanced Reports

Create predefined dashboards and get a clear overview of the details in the project, generate advanced reports, and analyze timesheets, task performance, costs, and revenues.

Manage Employees

Assign tasks and projects to employees, grant backend access to employees, approve timesheets with the ability to restrict its visibility, send email reminders, and monitor employees' performances.

Work Offline

Run tasks without internet connectivity and synchronize offline hours to the account once back online.

Track Working Time

Log activities, start tasks in one click, record timesheets and forecasts, track the exact time spent on tasks, change sales orders, and apply filter.

Charts & Analysis

View tasks on the Gantt chart, track deadlines, generate graphs to analyze progress and use pivot tables.

Use Timesheets

Track the time of each project and task using the timesheet app and link tasks to field services.


Access Portal

Allow employees to access their portal to view and manage their schedules. Assign and unassign themselves to open shifts.

Plan Shifts

Display shifts on the calendar by day, week, or month, and organize them by role, employee, or project. Assign and unassign shifts, create shift templates, set warning alerts to avoid shift conflicts, repeat and copy preview shifts.

Reports & Tasks

Select filters, time range, and measures to generate all kinds of reports, create advanced pivot tables, and display reports in graphs.


Preventive Maintenance

Plan and automate preventive defining mean time in between failure (MTBF) and mean time to repair (MTTR) and trigger requests automatically based on KPIs.

Dashboards & Statistics

Use dashboards to track performance and automatically calculate all maintenance statistics.

Organize Requests

Organize and plan maintenance activities by scheduling maintenance operations on a calendar and track the progress of maintenance requests.

Corrective Maintenance

Inform the right people in real-time when triggering a corrective maintenance request from the control panel.

Field Service

Manage Workdays

Manage workflow from a single mobile app using a modern user interface, reduce data entry by connecting to other apps, and display the needed data only.

Plan Tasks & Shifts

Organize employee shifts, assign and unassign tasks to them, set up alerts to avoid task conflicts, and display the schedule in a calendar view by day, week, or month.

Advanced Reports

Create reports and display them in graphs, analyze worksheets, and create advanced pivot tables.

Manage Tasks

Create multiple projects and organize tasks, generate tasks from sales orders, track working hours, and have a clear overview of your tasks using the map view and the default Kanban view.

Portal & Worksheet

Manage tasks, quotations, and invoices from the customer portal, design worksheet templates, and define a default warehouse per employee.

Products & Invoices

Sell products and add scalable products in seconds, create quotations including predefined products, price lists, payment terms, etc, and generate instant invoices from the task form.

Sign Electronically

Allow customers to sign reports directly from the mobile Field Service app.