Sales Features

Sales & Invoicing

Increase Sales

Sell more efficiently using a modern user interface, reduce data entry by converting quotes to sales orders and invoices quickly, and receive sales warnings before sending quotations.

Sign Electronically

Provide digital signature capabilities for customers to sign quotations online.

Products & Prices

Create product variants, manage different product types, calculate shipping costs, compute product pricelists, apply discounts on quotations, and create custom coupons.

Manage Contracts

Track contracts in each phase such as invoicing, renewal, upselling, and more. Determine payment terms for each customer and invoice.

Create Invoices

Create invoices for customers and send them through automatic emails in just a few clicks.

Supplier Invoices

Manage payments done by suppliers by recording invoices in the system and automatically integrate them into accounting.

Refunds & Addresses

Create reimbursements and autocomplete addresses by adding a valid VAT number.

Generate Reports

Generate different types of reports: accounting reports, tax reports, sales reports, and much more.

Customize Dashboards

Create customized dashboards, analyze data, and have clear insights over invoices.

Create Quotations

Build professional quotations quickly using predefined price lists. Customize templates, send Pro-forma invoices, optimize quotations, and add product variants to sales orders.

Use Incoterms

Verify contract terms by including and following incoterms standards.

Improve Communication

Set alerts and reminders for scheduled activities, customize email templates for products, track emails on discussions and negotiations, and set up inter-company rules.

Multi-Company & Invoices

Generate invoices in a multi-company setup and set the frequency of invoices for recurring invoicing in compliance with the contract requirements.

Compare Payments

Match the information in the received vendor bill with the released invoice for payment.

Automate Reminders

Send reminders and follow-ups automatically to configure and streamline payments from a single interface.

Invoices & Records

Track paid and unpaid invoices and automatically record all bank transactions.

Bank Accounts

Link invoices to the existing bank accounts and import bank statements into the system automatically synchronize.


Pay a batch of customers at once by selecting multiple bills, and accept online payments in different currencies.

Point Of Sale

Customers & Products

Use advanced search features to find customers and products.

Configure POS

Configure the POS system to meet specific needs, and deploy it on any device: browser, iPad, Android Tablet, PC, etc.

Web Applications

Run the POS on any device (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), support iPad and Android tablets, get compatibility with standard PCs, work offline, and customize with HTML5/JS extensions.

Online & Offline Payments

Use multiple payment methods: cash, credit cards, checks, debit cards, etc, and automatically synchronize offline payments.

Split Payment

Split the payment between multiple parties using separate payment methods for a single order.

Round Currency

Choose the smallest denomination of the currency when rounding payments.

Manage Products

Organize products in categories, find products easily using advanced search, sell products by defining units of measure, add product variants, and configure multiple barcodes for the same product.

Measure Weight

Use the electronic scale integration to measure an accurate product weight.

Create Barcodes

Create dynamic barcodes for each product embedding its price, weight, discount, and all information directly.

Manage Stores

Track the order's history, daily sales, cash flows, stock, and inventory. Manage cashier accounts, monitor cash flows, preconfigure franchise stores, and manage the inventory.

Customer Loyalty

Register customer details, identify customers by checking barcodes on their loyalty cards and reward them with loyalty points.

Process Checkout

Process parallel orders, set discounts, and customize receipts to promote events, sales, and more.

Print & Integrate Invoices

Generate and print invoices and directly integrate payments into the accounting system.

Manage Restaurants

Manage restaurant floor plans, monitor seating and delayed orders, send instructions to kitchen printers, add kitchen order notes, and split bills.

Subscription Management

Contract Management

Create contracts, set up customer data, and automate the invoicing process. Get customer ratings and feedback, manage taxes, and deal with ongoing payments.

Send & Edit Contracts

Send sales orders and contracts to customers directly with the ability to edit their details.

Customer Access

Provide customers with a user-friendly portal to have a clear overview of their data and access to all their contracts.

Automatic Payments

Set up the automatic payments and invoicing feature for customers and allow them to close contracts themselves.

Analyze & Forecast

Analyze the sales team performance, monthly recurring revenues and customer churn. Forecast the business growth and track the contracts' KPI.

Create Templates

Automate contract generation and create customized templates directly.

Billing Scenarios

Create scenarios and set up billing schemes including price lists, discounts and units of measure.

Subscriptions & Alerts

Differentiate subscription conditions (good or bad health) and set up customized alerts upon new subscriptions.

Property & Rentals

Configure Products

Send professional quotations to customers with clear rental orders and configure products according to their requirements and selected attributes.

Modern User Interface

Use a friendly and modern interface to check all properties and rentals details and create orders and invoices easily.

Manage Contracts

Have comprehensive visibility of the contract, ensure customer requirements are met, set up costs and budgets, and define the contract billing.


Generate reports of rented properties, analyze data, and take decisions accordingly. 

Tenant Information

Gather and store tenant data and information: personal information, company name, contract details, etc.

Built-In Templates

Use branded templates or customize different templates for the leasing contracts, invoices, documents, etc.

Online Payments

Accelerate the rental orders with the electronic signature feature allowing customers to sign documents online.


Track packages received at the properties, maintain a detailed record, register guests, set permissions, and receive real-time updates.

Track & Follow Up

Track and follow up with orders and invoices, attach email communications to the associated order and manage payment terms.

Products & Prices

Manage product prices, rent products in bulk and multiple units in time, and adapt the prices accordingly.

Track Contracts

Track each phase of the contract, manage recurring invoices, send/receive alerts to renew the contract, and track recurring revenue via the MPR dashboard.

Schedule Rental

Schedule rentals easily, maintain and check quality and availability.

Billing & Invoicing

Automate the creation of invoices for all properties or specific services and send them to tenants by email.

Properties Management

Manage available properties, track area changes, add assets to properties, upload pictures and floor maps and add notes.


Create a maintenance schedule of all buildings and properties to inspect all assets, check elevators, etc.