Supply Chain Features


Double Entry Inventory

Manage and organize the inventory through a smart double entry inventory system.

Inventory Valuation

Valuate the inventory using multiple methods (continental or Anglo-Saxon Accounting), costing methods (average costs, standard price), periodic inventory valuation, and landed costs.

User Interface

Manage single or multiple inventories or warehouses through a flexible and modern user interface.

Barcode Scanner

Scan products using the barcode scanner, monitor dashboards, and track orders.


Set and receive reminders for products and suppliers.

Inventory Adjustments

Prepare cycle counts and conduct inventory checks for a zone, specific product, lot, etc.

Customer Portal

Provide customers the ability to view all details on their portal (orders, invoices, deliveries, etc.) and let them track the status for a clear and transparent overview.

Advanced Search

Use advanced search capabilities to find documents easily or by scanning barcodes and applying filters.

Smart Scheduler

Generate operations automatically based on product availabilities and order forecasts.

Updated Transactions

Correct posted transactions through the lock/unlock feature.


Automate Operations

Prepare delivery orders, control, pack and transfer products, assign barcodes to packs, scrap products, manage manufacturing and repairs, and structure the warehouse using multiple hierarchical locations.

Advanced Routing

Shift orders to customers directly, determine the storage and removal strategies, automate transfer orders between warehouses, create the order process flow, and manage multiple warehouses from one place.


Forecast future stock, minimize current stock, eliminate stockouts, and make the supply chain more efficient using automated RFQs and order points.


Log activities, track stock movements from purchase to warehouse until sales orders and delivery and use barcodes to track manufacturer lots. Track stocked goods and monitor their weight, size, quantity, levels, and location.

Products Monitoring

Monitor several attributes such as product types, picking, packing, shipping, expiration dates, locations, etc, and measure quantities supporting multiple units of measures in addition to custom fields on products.

Reporting & Forecast

Generate real-time reports and customized dashboards, and share them with others while getting a forecast on products' availability.

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

Centralized Control Panel

Group the entire manufacturing process in a single software using a centralized control panel for a better workflow.

Inventory Levels

Optimize inventory levels and automate procurements using the scheduler, routes, and lead time.

Manufacturing Process

Manage and edit manufacturing orders, control product items by assembling or disassembling them with repair orders. 

Reporting & Dashboard

Generate dynamic reports on everything, create customized dashboards, track manufacturing costs, and measure KPIs and overall equipment effectiveness.

Schedule & Plan

Set accurate plans like the manufacturing cycle time, organize work orders, monitor items availability, and schedule work.


Use barcodes to identify products and speed up manufacturing operations.


Integrate the MRP system with quality checks, maintenance and PLM.

Alerts & Worksheets

Send quality alerts to workers and display worksheets.

Fleet Management

Leasing Contracts

Manage leasing contracts of vehicles by identifying the start date, expiry date, status, etc. and send warning alerts when reaching the expiration date.

Vehicle Specifications

Detect each vehicle by specifying the brand, model, color, registration number, chassis number, etc.

Vehicle Status

Get a clear view of the available vehicles and their status: ordered, parked, sold, new, etc.

Vehicle Maintenance

Monitor the vehicle mileage and forecast maintenance needs and repairs.

Vehicle Costs

Monitor vehicle costs like fuel consumption, leasing, repairs, services, etc, and automatically record transactions in accounting and reports.

Reports & Dashboards

Generate clear reports of the vehicle's cost with all the information, and create customized dashboards.


Analyze reports and get clear insights about the effective return of each vehicle to make improved decisions.

GPS Tracking

Track the vehicles' locations in real-time, check the map, live traffic, and estimated time of arrival.