Website Features

Website Builder

User Experience

Integrate with the Gengo to let professional standard translations, preview the website page on mobile, and communicate with visitors through live chat.

Promote Website

Improve organic traffic and website visits through the SEO and add promote the page on social media platforms.

Intuitive Website

Design a customized website and add different features. Add customizable building blocks, manage and change the content from the front page directly and edit the text using the word processor text editor.

Convert Visitors

Segment customers by publishing multi-websites, and add tracking codes to their URL to measure marketing campaigns and generate revenues.

Customize Features

Create customized templates, choose the best layout for the website, and select professional themes.


Design Pages

Create pages from scratch with no required codes by adding blocks and select professional themes.

Sell Digital Products

Add digital products to the online catalog and describe product specifications to sell them.

eCommerce Stores

Create multiple online stores under one environment for better and faster conversions, with a unique design, language, currency, and price list.

Edit Text

Use the word processing text editor to create and edit the text content easily from the page.

Customize Online Forms

Create powerful online forms for the website easily and generate information about leads.

Chat with Visitors

Communicate through embedded live chat and real-time messaging with the website visitors and provide them with information directly.

Boost Sales

Display the best products on top of the page, categorize products, search through attributes, suggest optional related products and provide promo codes.

Generate Reports & Dashboards

Create reports of the best product sold and best customer in terms of revenue, view dashboards, and track eCommerce KPIs.

Accelerate Shipping

Speed up shipments, track orders through shipping connectors, and create shipping rules.

Add To Wishlist

Facilitate the process of buying items by adding favorite products to the Wishlist.

User & Customer Portal

Provide customers the ability to register and create profiles, access the portal to review orders' details and track orders, shipping, rules, returns, etc.

Compare Products

Compare product details and attributes using the product comparator feature.

Facilitate Checkouts

Improve customers' shopping experience by facilitating the checking out process and eliminating blocking issues.

Pay Online & Offline

Provide online payment methods such as Paypal, Ogone, Adyen, etc, and create different payment options: bank transfer, check, and many more options.

Automate Billing & Accounting

Calculate delivery costs automatically, adapt tax rates, and build a customized chart of accounts containing national taxes and fiscal positions.

Create Product Variants

Build products and add several variants to them: size, colors, etc.


Create & Organize Content

Create and organize content in the eLearning platform, upload embedded videos in courses, and add external links for additional sources.

Add Multimedia Assets

Add multimedia assets to your courses like videos, presentations, infographics, quizzes, and more.

Select Languages

Translate all content on the website into different languages to make it more user-friendly.

Understanding & Progress

Add eLearning quizzes at the end of the courses to ensure understanding and better knowledge retention.

Measure Progress

Track participation in the course, measure progress and, sell courses to students on the webshop.

Attempt & Time Limits

Specify the number of times a student can take the test and the time limit for each test.

Evaluate Students

Prepare tests with a variety of question types to evaluate students, choose defined or random questions, and provide certification and badges once passing it.

Promote eLearning Courses

Promote eLearning courses by optimizing SEO, track link performance, and allow students to share courses and content on social media platforms.

Reward Top Performers

Display the profile of the top performers on the homepage as rewards and provide them with karma points and ranks.

Customize Emails

Engage with the community and attendees by sending them customized emails.

Rating & Comments

Allow attendees to rate courses and write comments, with the ability to reply and delete answers.

Advanced Reports

Create advanced reports on course performances, add custom filters, define relevant metrics, and display graphs.

Create Forums

Create multiple forums and link them to the courses.

Live Chat

Customize Access

Define the live chat window behavior and access it from within any module to track every conversation.

Customize Channels

Define specific language per country and add responsible agents to each channel.

Group Chat

Add multiple users to a conversation in the same live chatbox.

Answers & Messages

Write predefined messages for answering common questions or shortcuts to save the team some time and create customized welcome messages for each channel.

Select Color

Select the color of the live chat window background to match the look and feel of the website.

Evaluate Service Level

Rate the conversation at the end and review the chat history to check and improve answers.

Add Emoticons

Add smileys and display emojis icons in the chat window.